Vayu EOS

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The 4th generation of the VVING maintains its shorter wingspan,
one of the strengths that has contributed to the popularity of the V3
among riders. The newly introduced optional carbon boom guarantees
that the V4 will quickly become a favorite among freeriders and

  • Flexwingtips for better handling, balance and comfort.
  • Grip system: Soft handles + Carbon handles + Carbon boom*.
  • KPE165 High Resistant Dacron.
  • X-Ply windows lighter, stiffer, no deforming in cold/ warm weather.
  • Shorter wingspan for enhanced manoeuvrability & rotations.
  • Ultra light and thinner wingtips.
  • Premium Teijin techno force canopy.
  • Improved drift stability for effortless surfing and downwind

Size: 3,0m² - 3.5m² - 4.0m² - 4.5m² - 5.0m² - 5.5m² - 6.0m²

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