Zeeko Freeride Carbone Foil


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The Zeeko Carbon foil comes in 2018 with an improved construction compared to the previous model :
 The Zeeko carbon foil is made from a new HM (High Modulus) carbon with a higher modulus value which improves the stiffness and nervousness of the foil.
 The adoption of a new carbon fiber allowed us to completely rethink the construction of the foil, and to reduce its weight by 25%.
 This results in a lighter, stronger, and more maneuverable foil due to weight gain.



The Zeeko Carbon is intended for freeride use, and does not compromise on performance. Faster, more responsive and lighter than an aluminum foil, the Carbon is outstanding in navigation without adding complexity to maneuvers. Our goal is to make Carbon the most powerful and versatile freeride foil, through the possibility of changing the front wing and the vertical fin. It is therefore advisable for good to expert riders, in search of a quick and light foil to make the curve as speed.



We develop a 100% high modulus compressed foil in metal heating molds. The Zeeko Carbon has a very high quality finish. The decoration and finishing of the foil are carried out directly in the production mold (exclusive manufacturing method). Thus no varnish is applied on the parts, the finishing is exemplary and the precision of the parts maximum.



The innovative profile of its 100cm mast eliminates the effects of high-speed ventilation. The carbon layers UD (fibers in one direction) and bi-axis (cross-fibers) composing the mast are alternated in order to obtain a maximum stiffness in torsion and in flexion.

The profiled carbon fuselage is 25% more rigid thanks to its optimized shape. Moreover, the flat part under the fuselage increases the lift capacity of the foil during take-off. This optimization makes it possible to reduce the size of the wings and thus to gain in maneuverability.

Stabilizer spoiler with optimized profile. The stabilizer is a master piece of your foil, it gives balance to your foil. Its profile, shape and stiffness directly influence the performance of your foil. No less than 24 months were needed to develop the stabilizer. Thanks to an unprecedented profile, it allows very good performance at very high speed, predictive behavior for beginners and this, despite a reduced size of 30%. The pressure between the 2 feet is equivalent regardless of the speed of ride, without any adjustment necessary. All our expert knowledge is included in the design of this stabilizer.




3 carbon front wings are available. Depending on your wishes, optimize your practice by using one of the 3 front wings:


> Race: upwind and competition

> Freeride: waves / freeride / beginner

> Speed: speed / jump


Each wing has been developed according to its program: the profiles are optimized, the dihedral adapted and the arrow related to the program. Only an expertise over several years can give this unprecedented result.


Adjustable lace control. The lace is a difficult phenomenon to control for a beginner, that must be limited during the learning phases. However, an expert must be able to play to reduce the turning radius of the foil. The vertical fin at the back of the foil is an appendix that allows according to its height or depth to adjust the desired yaw rate. To facilitate your practice we have used a screw positioning which allows the use of any twin tip wings in order to control the lace. No need to cut your stabilizers if you want to go in the waves!


Included :

– Complete foil

– Tool kit

– Foil wallet

– Plate / tuttle connection screws not included

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60 cm, 90 cm