Slingshot Alien Air 2019


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All the features that make the Alien Air so user-friendly and forgiving also make it a timeless choice for playful tricks
and transitions, jumping and expert-level freeriding. When we introduced the Alien Air to foiling, it was indeed an
Unidentified Flying Object. People had never seen anything like it- short, wide, fat, concave with tons of front-end rocker
and funky beveled edges. Today it goes by the same letters but a different acronym: Undisputed Foiling Original.

· Proven all-around freeride foil board
· Thick profile and scooped nose = less pearling, less crashing
· Lots of room to walk around, great for transitions
· Easy low-end takeoff, easy touch-downs
· Beginner-friendly, featured in Slingshot Foil Academy
· Concave deck for agile handling
· Sliding mount track lets you set your mast where you want it
· Ride it strapless, with two or three straps or with foot hooks
· Durable bamboo laminate construction

Zusätzliche Information






2.75 Inches


8.5 LBS


39.4 L

Track Mount Dimensions

90mm x 254mm ( 9cm x 25.4 cm )