F.one Furtive

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10qm green/yellow/black

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The FURTIVE features a high aspect ratio for high performance and 5 struts to control the profile.
The leading edge arc is reduced to develop maximum power for a given area.
Its profile has been developed to ensure maximum traction at the edge of the window.
Its W5 bridle is totally innovative and brings together the function of a bridle and a 5th line!
We have called it W5 due to its W pattern which includes a central line to control the
leading edge arc, like a 5th line. It provides perfect distortion control and the central line
further helps with the depower of the kite.

The FURTIVE provides a variety of sensations.

The kite is stable and the motion is fully under control. Bar feedback is super clear which makes you
want to go faster all the time. Get ready, you are going to be willing to over-take anything else on the water! Performance usually comes with jumping abilities. To improve this aspect, we have worked on the bar feeling, its maneuverability when sending the kite to the zenith and its boost during the jumps. The kite lifts you really high and glides very well afterwards. Hang-times records are up for grabs!!

Comfortable and fast, this kite is made for long distance courses and provides you with enough control to regulate your efforts during the long runs. Its flying range provides great tolerance to wind variations, especially in the high range. Going hard upwind feels quite exceptional as the kite gives you the feel of being on an open reach. Its traction is really oriented towards the edge of the window with good support which saves you from pushing too much on the legs or on the back. When reaching or going downwind, this kite will let you ride at full speed, helping the board to wipe away the sea state.

To foil at high speed requires a lot of control and avoiding parasitic movements in the kite, especially wingtip flutter. If the
kite moves, then you move too and so does your foil which inevitably results in losing control of your direction and balance.
Controlling the distortion of the kite during all flying phases has been the hardest goal to achieve during the development
for foil riding but it has clearly benefitted all other disciplines.

Der F.one Furtive,
wurde spezial für Alex Caizergues entwickelt,bei den Zahllosen Test stellte sich raus das der Kite nicht nur perfekt.
Für die Racer egal ob Foil oder Longdistance ist,sondern auch für Twintip Fahrer und da überzeugte die Hangtime……
Sowohl bei der Höhe und natürlich auch bei der Flugzeit…..:)
Der Kite verträgt auch 50+ Knoten,das sagt schon alles,durch die Neue Bridle ist die Kappe vom Kite sehr Stabil und steht angenagelt am Windfensterrand.
Und setzt jede Bö in Vortrieb um,ein muss für alle Speed freaks……

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10 m²


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