Zeeko Windfoil Alloy Amplifier V3

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The AMPLIFIER is the latest evolution of the Alloy series foils.
This year the focus has been on versatility with as many configurations as possible to accommodate 100% of your riding style. The 2018 V2 model has been well received by the international press (Wind Magazine, Planche Mag, Windsurfing UK...)

Kategorie: Surf-, Wing- & SUP-Foil

Front Wing

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- Aluminum Mats and fuselage
- Exceptional Finish
- Profiles and Hydrodynamics studied in digital wind tunnel
- Reinforced connection to the board
- A wide range of front wings, vertical fins and mast lengths covering all types of practice
- Mast Position on the fuselage for an optimized Slalom board setting (maximum width 86cm) and a better control.

-New mast sizes: 60cm/70cm/90cm/96cm
-3 Front wings available XLW (AVS), Race and Speed
-New Power box head (check the reinforcement of the board)
-Adjustable back wing Angle (5 settings available)

The Windfoil ZEEKO is a very easy and efficient foil.
It has a very high stability and allows to progress serenely while having a very good speed potential (beyond 30knots).
Thanks to its range of front wings and several mast lengths, the ZEEKO windfoil will allow you to start with serenity but also to progress and to push your limits (Defi Wind 2018 approved, 1st foil classified in 2018).
ACCESSIBILITY & FREERIDE / ideal for beginners
Here are the advantages of choosing an AMPLIFIER hydrofoil rather than a carbon foil in an optic to learn to windfoil:
-Several available mast lengths (60cm, 70cm, 90cm, 96cm). You can learn with a mast of 70cm long (ideal for the first trials and shallow water) and progress with a mast of 90cm long (ideal for freeride and performance). The balance will be easier to find than with a 1m long mast.
-The yaw effect is less felt: you get more control (to illustrate the yaw effect, look at the top foil and imagine that the rear wing goes from right to left with as a fixed point the front wing).
-Speed is more easily controllable.
-The price, among the lowest in the market without losing in quality, is a decisive argument for the beginner.
-The 850cm² front wing XLW designed with a powerful profile allows to take off very early and to achieve a high cruising speed control.
-The AMPLIFIER can be used on any board with a Tuttle box, Deep Tuttle box, 2 US rails or a powerbox (check the stiffness of your box) and has been optimized for use with slalom boards (up to 85cm wide)
ZEEKO ALLOY SERIES: An ultra sturdy foil.
Mast, plate and fuselage are made of anodized and painted aluminium
All of our alloy series foils are manufactured in a specific aluminium alloy (different from the 6061 type alloys of most foils on the market), this alloy makes it possible to increase the rigidity of the foils but also to offer an unrivalled resistance to corrosion.
Moreover, where most of the foils on the market are only anodized, our foils are anodized and painted with a paint that increases the glide and thus the performance of the foil.
4 DIFFERENT WAYS TO CONNECT THE FOIL TO THE BOARD: Tuttle or Deep Tuttle or Quick plate or Powerbox
The board connection has been studied for a maximum of stiffness and strength.
Most of the boards used for the windfoil are not sufficiently reinforced around the box.
Moreover, the connection between the board and the foil must be as rigid as possible, without this the foil becomes difficult to control.
After months of R&D, we did not validate a simple Tuttle connection (nor even Deep Tuttle). Our choice has been to a plate or a Mini plate connection that can be associated with a Tuttle or Deep Tuttle box or a powerbox (screw to connect the foil to the board not provided). Therefore no more need to strengthen your planks. Stress efforts on the Tuttle case are reduced by 70%. This results in better solidity and better control of the foil.
The mat is inserted into the turntable or mini turntable by means of a machined chimney which increases the rigidity of the foil/plank connection and thus improves the control of the foil.
With a  tuttle head (also compatible with deep Tuttle box), the connexion is compatible with all the boards on the market with a Tuttle or a deep Tuttle box (position relative to the straps to be checked, board/foil screws not supplied). The connection is made by same screws as a conventional fin.
With a mini plate/Deep tuttle head, the drag of the connection between the board and the mast is minimal while keeping an exceptional stiffness thanks to the integrated reinforcement (board/foil screw not provided).
With the plate on 2 US rails under a board, 4 screws are sufficient to connect the foil and it is possible to change its position under the Board (moove forward the foil by 5cm for example helps to ealy take off ).
No need to completely unscrew the 4 screws. It is enough to loosen the two fronts by a 1/4 turn and to unscrew the 2 backs, and the foil is disassembled. The plate is compatible with all the boards of the market.
With the  Powerbox head, the drag of the connection between the board and the mast is minimal while keeping an exceptional stiffness thanks to the integrated reinforcement  (screw connecting to the board not provided). The threadline of the screw is directly milled in the box to ensure a screwing over a long length for a better solidity.
The fuselage was designed with a mast position backward on the fuselage.
This position has been optimized to use a slalom or freeride board with the foil (recommended board width between 65cm and 86cm).
No need to have a specific windfoil board to use the ZEEKO foil and to have a good balance.
The fuselage is designed for a minimal drag and a maximal torsion stiffness.
Its length of 77cm allows a very easy control of the foil and a very good turning ability (easy jibes). The position of the mast has been studied for a maximum of control especially at high speed. Thus, this position of the backward mast on the fuselage facilitates the jibes.

The front and rear wing profiles have been studied and developed for maximum stability and speed.
The XLW wings are made of G10 fiberglass allowing unprecedented stiffness, unsurpassed profile accuracy and solidity.
In addition, the G10 fabric is easy to repair if needed.
The XLW front wing has a surface area of 850cm ². The relatively thick profile as well as the high Aspect Ratio allow a early take off while having a maximum speed (beyond 27nds) and a maximum upwing ability. The XLW wing is equipped with the AVS skin which reduces ventilation phenomena to the maximum.
The front RACE wing (540cm ²) has anhedral for better control of high speed yaw (maximum speed more than 30knots).
Finally, we introduce a new the SPEED Wing (380cm ²) on this V3 model. This wing is ideal for those who are looking for the ultimate speed (to use overpowered only). Become the fastest Windfoiler on your spot when the wind is up to 15knots.
The back wing is designed with a high aspect ratio and a low drag profile. The upwind ability is improved as well as the control during jibes and carving.
The ZEEKO AMPLIFIER is very easy to ride on the windward heel which gives it a powerful and fast upwind capacity.
This vertical fin is replaceable (standard size: 4.0cm), it offers great yaw stability (ideal for beginners),
it can be replaced by a taller fn (8.0cm for example) to reduce the yaw or a shorter one (2.5cm) for
those looking for maximum maneuverability. The vertical fn is placed underneath to protect the foil
when touching the seabed.
The AMPLIFIER foil suits your requirements. One of the main adjustments is the angle of attack of the back wing.
The foil comes with 3 shims,  each one sets an additional angle to the standard setting of -0.9/-0.5/+ 0.5 degrees (it is possible to add the -0.9 and -0.5 degrees shims to obtain a shim of -1.4 degrees)
The more positive is the angle of attack (AoA), the more lift is produced, and the feeling is more a front foot driving.
A negative AoA increases the glide, the maximum speed of the foil by reducing its drag.
The alloy pieces are anodised and painted (exclusive ZEEKO), offering a double protection. The alloy
used is the most resistant to salt water. Also, all our alloy serires hydrofoil are supplied with aT-Gel
tube. The Tef-Gel stops galvanic corrosion between A4 stainless steel screws and aluminum compo-
nents and prevents oxydation.
It is recommended to use T-Gel for the screws provided during the pur-
chase. When you buy, all the screws are already treated with Tef-Gel during assembly in our factories.

Jahr: 2020