Manera Wetshirt

Artikelnummer: MKB20WS

We believe it is frustrating to be cold when the weather is nice & warm. ?This technical wetshirt features an outside layer that prevents the wind-chill effect; and an inside honeycomb plush that keeps you warm without using a bulky neoprene top or a spring suit.

Designed with a tee-shirt loose fit and a 4 Way stretch, it ensures you stay comfy out there.

Colors: Jet black

Kategorie: Accessories


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The windchill is an unpleasant feeling, especially during summer. Our wetshirt fabric is woven to block the wind from going through, thus you?re protected from the wind even when you?re completely wet.

The inner plush fabric will keep you warm without the need for a bulky neoprene top. It also dries fast, so it stays light and comfy.

4 Way stretch
Our goal here was to create a product that feels like wearing nothing, both outside and inside the water. In addition of the comfort that the « tee-shirt » fit brings, our wetshirt is built in a 4 Way stretch fabric that will follow any of your movement.


Jahr: 2020

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