Manera Trapez Exo 2015

Artikelnummer: MHEXO15

EXO 2014 vs. EXO 2015 Was ist neu?
Zum Glück nicht viel...:) Der Rand hat einen etwas breiteren Neopren-Streifen erhalten,
dadurch trägt es sich noch angenehmer für die Leute die nur mit einem Lycra unterwegs sind oder ganz ohne....
Es passt sich noch besser der Körperanatomie an, dadurch noch weniger verrutschen des Trapezes möglich.
Größen sind gleich geblieben, die Farben haben sich etwas geändert.

Verfügbare Farben bitte erfragen, da Restbestand!

Nur noch Größe L lieferbar.
Wenn Du eine andere Größe brauchst, schau Dir das aktuelle Modell von Manera EXO hier im Shop an.

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Das Manera EXO 2015 Trapez lässt sich individuell an deine Bedürfnisse anpassen.

Auch in punkto Sicherheit punktet das Manera EXO. Die Befestigung für die Safety leash lässt sich auslösen. So kannst du die Leash weiterhin hinten befestigen für Freestyle oder wie abgebildet an der Seite und schränkst dich in der Bewegung nicht ein. Im Notfall kannst Du jetzt an 2 Stellen auslösen.

Energy Dispersion Frame
The EDF is a hexagonal structure with varying degrees of thickness. It is directly connected to the spreader bar through the straps and buckles.
Thanks to its shape and structure, the pressure is spread over a much wider area of the back and responds better, continuously, and more smoothly.

By being less concentrated on a small area of the back, the EDF protects the user and avoids any unwanted muscular effort to offset the bad traction.

Ballistic nylon
This material has been developed to be integrated into body armors designed by the Royal Air Force for its pilots.

This material is made out of thick nylon threads assembled in a very tight way, it offers outstanding abrasion resistance and extreme durability. This innovation extends the lifetime of the MANERA harnesses.

Single Foam
Comfort is paramount in any harness; the UNION uses a single injection mould to make a one-piece foam backing. This makes it exceedingly durable, as there are less parts to be glued or stitched together. It absorbs far less water and is much lighter than the multiple foam layups used in some harnesses.

Down hold system
Because there?s nothing worse than a harness that rides up during your sessions, we developed the DOWN HOLD SYSTEM, an asymmetrical attachment that distributes the forces downward.

Secured in its original position, the hook does not ride back up.

Tuck flap
The TUCK FLAPS further assist the DOWN HOLD SYSTEM using the flaps positioned on the ends of the spreader bar and inserted into the harness. Once the straps are tightened, they are compressed and locked.

By stiffening the connection between the harness and the buckle, they prevent it from riding up.

Manera leash release
Two leash releases are integrated into the EXO harness, allowing you to trigger your leash easily whether you are right or left handed. The leash can also be loose and slidable, or clamped between the two rings.

Spreader bar system
We wanted to avoid unpleasant lateral contraction of the harness on the chest, which is why we adapt our spreader bar to harness sizes.

A well suited spreader bar will pull along both sides of the harness, while a spreader bar that is too small will pull with an acute angle, putting pressure on the rider and causing troublesome pain.

Jahr: 2015