F-One Foil Pack Plane Gravity 2200

Artikelnummer: F19HFPG2200V2

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The F-ONE GRAVITY 2200 wing is ideal to enjoy the smallest waves, venture on downwinders

Maximum lift with smooth delivery
Very stable and intuitive
Pumping machine
Area :  TBA cm²
Aspect Ratio : TBA 

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Designed for early lift, great stability and efficient pumping.

Specific connection developed for larger wings
New and thicker section profile for an early and very progressive lift-off
Larger area with increased span and high aspect ratio
Design targets lift and glide:

Easy take-off at low speed, ideal for the smallest waves
Good turning ability in waves and bumps
Superior glide on downwinders
Targeted at people looking for maximum lift without compromising glide and control:

Very easy and stable to learn and progress.
Able to fly and get some fun in the most insignificant waves.
Very good pumping to go catch the next next wave, or the one after!
Its stability and glide also make it a perfect wing to use on downwinders
Built with pre-preg carbon for the best weight to strength ratio, with a super light core.

Titan connection: the wing connects directly to the mast via the Titan mast foot and the fuselage is split in two parts in order to simplify transportation. This setup offers better load transmission and better stiffness throughout the different parts for maximum control.