!!!!! Sonderangebot !!!!! Zeeko Hydrofoil Alloy Spitfire mit Plate Adapter und 70cm Mast

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ZEEKO's R & D is proud to announce the release of the latest evolution of the 'Alloy Series' hydrofoil: The SPITFIRE.

A design revolution. The totally innovative geometry allows you to taste the joys of an hydrofoil with surfboarding feeling. Better curves control and carving potential beyond standard.

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ZEEKO?s R & D office is proud to announce the release of the latest evolution of the ?Alloy Series? hydrofoil: The SPITFIRE Hydrofoil.
This foil is a revolution in terms of design. The totally innovative geometry allows you to taste the joys of an hydrofoil with surfboarding f eeling.
The Spitfire is the fruit of years of R & D geared towards fun. After developing a range of freeride foil wings, we have created the Carver wings and with the Spitfire we took it to a higher level and made a total breakthrough in design.
Our goal was simple: introduce a foil with the best control in the curves and a carving potential beyond standard.

For that, it was necessary to find a geometry creating the same feeling as a surfboard, to have a foil that does not stall during hard turns. This development has brought additional characteristics: the foil is more docile during the falls, is faster in light winds, has an incredible upwind ability all this with wings 30% smaller.


The wings have been designed in such a way that the foil is easily accessible to the most . Thus the top (extrados) of each wing has been striated to increase stability and minimize the effect of ventilation.
The ventilation is created when the wing comes out of the water and creates an air bubble that will spread over the entire span and will thus lose all the lift of the foil in the water, the hydrofoil is out of control.

The grooves prevent this from happening making the foil more forgivable to rider errors.

What is ventilation?
Hydrofoil wing ventilation occurs violently when ambient air enters the surface of your foil wing as it approaches the surface of the water. This results in an inevitable fall, whether you are an expert or a beginner.
The Anti Ventilation Skin (AVS) is a new process for manufacturing G10 made foil wings. Thanks to a 3-dimensional grooving of the wings, it is now possible to reduce the ventilation phenomena to a minimum. The AVS acts like a multitude of fences or a shark skin preventing the air from rushing all along the wing.
With the AVS do not fall any more when your foil wing is close to the surface of the water. Gain confidence and ride without thinking.

What?s new:

- 2 wings sets available
- New innovative, efficient and safe design
- Extreme carving capacity
- Excellent upwind
- Hydrofoil dedicated to wave riding and jumping
- Feeling of carving similar to surfboard
- New fast mounting plate

Included in the Spitfire package :

- 1 user guide
- Allen keys
- 1 Tef gel tube
- 1 plastic wedge
- front & back wings (the model depend on your orders choice)
- 1 fuselage + screws of front & back wings
- 1 mast/plate + screws for mast/plate connexion

foil-board connexion screws are supplied with boards.